Lay Days on the North Shore

It’s been onshore here on the North Shore for a week. While the waves have been super average, it has allowed us to see some other adventures.

My mate, Bret Thompset, picked Tyler Waker and I up from the airport and we stayed at his house for 3 days on the South Shore. We hiked up a seriously beautiful path out the back of his house and into the jungle. It felt like we had been transported into Jurassic Park! We were suddenly surrounded by gigantic trees that must have been close to 1000 years old. We followed the trail up to a cliff that spat water out into a pool 100 ft. The water licked the face of a smooth volcanic terrace which was covered in ‘green’, giving us the feeling that we were deep in the Pacific jungle.


hawaii beautiful

We also had the privilege of watch 5 hours of UFC at Hooters, where Jon Jones smashed this other dude who was an Olympic wrestler, and ate some really good Loco Moco which is a Hawaiian traditional dish.

UFC  Jon Jones

I’ve moved in with Kiron Jabour for a couple days and man its amazing! They live on the beach in front of Himalayas and their family is super epic! We are staring down the barrel of really good waves, so it is finally time to wax up the barrel stick again and back door the peak.

Hawaii Pipeline

Kiron’s pad on the North Shore is incredible. So grateful


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