A Week in Portugal

Thanks to Monster for putting us up for the week in an awesome media camp here in Portugal.

We’ve scored some insane barrels at Supertubos. My stay happened to collide with the swell of the year for Nazare and the same waves were refracting a little North for us to enjoy 10 ft kegs! With a 20 second period, Supertubos was sooooooo wild. Scary, big take-off’s into fast, amazing pits. I got thrown over the falls on one where the bottom of the wave fell away and suddenly I was air dropping with no board. I got absolutely man handled! Other than than Willy Allioti, my french brada, had the take off of the century, under the lip on a 10-12 ft bomb, and I managed to slide into one of the better no-hand barrels of my beach break career.

nazare swell, portugal, monster energy

nazare, portugal

Photo: Greg Martin

It’s been good vibes mixing with all the European and UK frothers and we’ve scored some gold! The groms have been showing us how to punt and the older boys have been revealing to them the secrets of the tube. The moto for the trip was “NEVER PULL BACK!”.Thanks so much to Joel Gray and Monster for putting together an amazing trip.

portugal nazare swell, monster energy

The boys have retreated back to their hoods and I’m sticking around for Nic von Rupp’s movie premiere on Tuesday, before I head back to freezing cold Ireland for the rest of the year.



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