Finally getting wet again!

It’s been over four months of sore ankle. So I went over to visit my big bro, tattoo artist Nick Mudskipper, in Bangkok. Was amazing! I tattooed my bro and went to the islands with out my board. Snorkeling can be pretty fun!

DCIM100GOPRO 10743505_10152545441293382_799256739_n

Yesterday was my first surf in quality waves in a long time… I was extremely amped.

We scored some ferocious waves at the Hoek and then I walked down the beach and that was lined up and perfect.

Thanks Ian Thurtell for the Screen grabs on my 6’2 Starboard

cape town

Barrels, cape town

I’m starting my exams on Tuesday and then am off to Ireland shortly after that!

Time to hit the road again!


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