El Salvador Arrival

Ayer(Yesterday in Spanish),I arrived at the El Salvador airport..with nowhere to stay, no transport. Looking around, lost..I just by chance met up with Current Open World Champion, Santiago Muniz, and Uraguay surfer, Marco Gorgio. I jumped in with them and we found some sick accomodation on the beach! Thank you Jesus!

Marco speaks good english and Spanish, aswell as Portugese..So he has been translating everything for me.

last night we sat down to some amazing local food…Pupoosa´s! Us threee and a friendly local ate our full for a total of $7!

Contest starts in 2 days and the wave, Punta Roca is an amzing set-up..some say comparable to J-Bay!

Swell is on the way and Pro´s are pouring in!

Frothing for what lies ahead..


2 thoughts on “El Salvador Arrival

  1. hey Matt sore your pops in j-bay this past weekend seemed like we all hurt ourselves!
    I picked up an ankle injury so I had to come home. Just so happened we were all chilling at Crystal Cove and you just happened to be on the front Cover of the past issue!

    well done for that thanks for blogging about all your happenings it gives the reader some insight to your travels The pictures are great and lets the readers mind wonder a bit

    Just wishing you a great competion hope you kill it and we need another Zaffa on the tour make it happen bro!!

    go shred it

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