Tow Surfing and Disco Dancing

Last Friday, Ant fox, Ryan Payne and myself, missioned down to Blouberg to meet up with some of the Surf Retail Rep’s for a tow session. The waves were 1 foot, but we managed to find some air and grab some good times chilling on the beach.\Thanks to Tyrone Kansley for the Shots!

Tow Surfing, chick

Nice the water and on land

tow surfing

Controlling the speed is an issue

From six hours on the water, I drove straight to Boschendal Wine Estate for the Synergy Concert. And the Concert was too insane!

synergy liveOver 3000 teenagers all amping to party

Of the four stages, I planted myself in the electro tent for the weekend. Dj’s like Tommy Gun, Haezer and Niskerone were dropping beats too insane for the membrane. In the evenings, it was hanging out with many of the Kom crowd including, Neil Ziets and Jess Lee, listening to good music while chowing down on watermelon. When the sun set, the crowds lit up and the Dance floors erupted until late into the a.m. I stayed with My mates, Alex, Stu and Paul in a 4 man tent. Alex lost the key on the first evening so we had to break into our tent straight after we locked it. With my Monster Energy, I was able to push through severe lack of sleep and sun burn, to experience one of the best weekends of my life!


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