Scotland Cold Water Classic around the corner

After spending 2 weeks in boardies in durbs I arrived home on Sunday evening after the Quik pro Junior. Getting a third in the event was a really good boost for me into the year and surfing against all the boys again was epic. Congrats to Shauno for winning the event and Beyrick getting a close second.

Monday morning i woke up to the good old Cape Townian South Easter that turns on all the spots around the Kom area. I missioned down to the Hoek with Alan van Gysen and we picked up some very shallow, sucky barrels.

I’m heading over to Scotland at the end of the week for the Cold Water Classic and apparently its been the coldest winter in 30 years! Being in CT for the week I’m trying to get into all my new Billabong gear..from Booties and gloves, to chicken vests and 4’3 wetsuits. Heard the water in Thurso has been around 5 degrees and air has been a whole lot colder!!¬†Super amped to check out the scene at my first 6 star WQS…


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