Dungeons..one of the gnarliest drops of my life earlier in the year

Thanks Alan van Gysen you legend for this shot. Brother Love.


Code Red, Teahupoo

I like to fist pump when I see mega pits. Check me on the left screaming at a monster during the Code Red swell 3 years back!

teahupoo tahiti code red

Dungeons hits Amber Alert for The Big Wave World Tour

Good morning! I woke up to a very pleasant notification; The Dungeons BWWT event is on Amber Alert for Tuesday next week! There is solid West swell approaching with good winds and a really big period which could deliver 20ft plus waves.

Dungeons World Tour event

Large, long period West swell!

The final call for the event will be made on Saturday!

The ankle is feeling a lot better and I’m frothing!

dungeons world tour event

Past 2014 carnage at Dungeons. Photo: Brenton Geach


Still man-down

The last 2 months have been pretty different to the norm with no surfing. I just cancelled on the Billabong Pro Tahiti Trials because the ankle is still feeling shakey..

But i’ve been spending my time getting fit on the bike and in the pool. When I go to sleep at night all I can think about is massive waves and deep, big barrels. This visualization is getting me super pumped to charge again..maybe another month until I can tackle the big stuff.

We’re also in the last month for the Big Wave World Tour event at Dungeons.. So hopefully the beast awakens before the end of August!

Down the line is looking really good for a trip to Indo and Ireland.

I’m feeling a new “froth” for surfing boiling up again!



Awesome day with the 9 Miles crew

Yani Trout and Nigel are doing some amazing things at the 9Miles project where they teach underprivileged kids life skills and how to rip and tear on the waves.

outreach south africa


I told a couple surf stories to the boys, showed them some footage and tried to share some inspiration about finding your passion and chasing down your dreams.
Then we went into their little village near Stanrdfonetin and gave away some blankies.
We’re going to be collecting more blankets, clothes, food and other supplies for these guys through out winter.


When you receive blessings, you should in turn bless others. Lets make this viral!


Blankets for Strandfontein Residents

So we’re teaming up to get blankets for people in Strandfontein!!!

Yani Trout has created an initiative to get blankets to these people who are freezing, so lets spread some love and give some blankies!!

People can contact me to drop blankies at my house or at The Surf Shack in Muizenberg! We are going into Stranfontein on Monday to give blankets but the initiative stands for the whole winter!

Thanks guys



More from Skeleton Bay..Amazing Edit

Well done Dane Staples for a cracker edit!


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